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Classification of power tools
- Sep 12, 2018 -

A mechanized tool that drives a working head by a drive mechanism is called a power tool, driven by an electric motor or electromagnet.

It is a tool that uses a hand holding operation to drive a working head by means of a small power motor or electromagnet as the driving force through the drive mechanism. In 1895, Germany made the world's first DC drill. The housing is made of cast iron and can drill 4mm holes in the steel plate.

Then appeared three-phase power frequency (50Hz) drill, but the motor speed did not break through 3000r/min.

In 1914, there appeared a single-phase series motor driven power tools, motor speed of up to 10000r/min. In 1927, there appeared a power supply frequency of 150~200hz, if power tool, which has the advantage of high speed of single-phase series motor, but also has the advantages of simple and reliable structure of three-phase frequency motor, but because of the use of medium-frequency current power supply, using limited. Common power tools are electric drills, electric grinders, electric wrenches and electric screwdrivers, electric hammers and impact drills, concrete vibrators, and planers.

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