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Composition and structure of air compressors
- Sep 12, 2018 -

1: Oil circulation system.

Before starting, first start the oil pump control system, the pump control system after the start to ensure that the air compressor lubrication components good lubrication, while the oil pump control system through the built-in thermostatic valve to adjust the internal oil pressure and oil temperature to meet the system needs.

2: Gas circuit system. Compressor work, air through the self-cleaning air filter is inhaled, through the PLC automatic cleaning filter, the air after the import guide vane automatically adjusted to enter the first level of compression, the gas temperature is higher after the first compression, and then into the middle cooler for cooling (water in the pipe, gas walk outside, intercooler water flow requirements for 110m/

h) After entering the two-stage compression system, in order to avoid the system of gas poured into the compression chamber (to avoid the pressure start) in the compressor exhaust pipe installed a hanging full check valve, the compressor exhaust gas push the check valve into the exhaust muffler, and then into a level after the cooler, two level after the cooler, and then into the exhaust supervisor.

3: Waterway circulatory system.

Cooling water through the pipeline into the air compressor intermediate cooler to the first-class compressed discharge of the gas cooling, and then into the cooler on the exhaust cooling, another way of cooling water inlet pipe through the main motor upper two groups of heat exchanger cooling motor winding, there is a way to the oil cooler cooling.

4: Power distribution System.

Air compressor for 2000kW high-voltage motor (10kV) using full-pressure start, control cabinet for indoor communication, metal armored pull-out switch equipment, switchgear from a fixed cabinet and removable parts namely handcart two parts, to achieve control, protection, monitoring purposes, with "five anti" function.

5: Screen protection system. The central signal device is divided into two kinds: accident signal and warning signal. The main task of the accident signal is that when the circuit breaker accident tripping, the sound signal can be issued in time, and the corresponding circuit breaker light position signal flashes.

The main task of the warning signal is to run the equipment abnormal phenomenon, instantaneous or delayed sound signal, and make the light word card show the content of abnormal phenomenon.

6: DC power supply system.

PZ32 Series Automatic Maintenance-free lead-acid battery DC power supply complete sets of equipment, from the charging device screen, DC feed screen and battery composition, with automatic steady flow, automatic regulation, automatic voltage regulation and other functions for the central signal screen and high-voltage control system to provide power.

7:DTC control System.

DTC control screen is the "brain" of the air compressor, all kinds of field sensor values, the final summary to the DTC control screen, the DTC control screen display all kinds of operating parameters, and monitor the operating state of the air compressor parts, when some parameters beyond the allowable range, DTC will issue the corresponding alarm or automatically make the air compressor shutdown.