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Control principle of air compressor
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Air compressor noise control mainly uses muffler, muffler and sound insulation technology three aspects:

1. Install the muffler. The main noise source is the inlet and outlet, should choose suitable inlet and exhaust muffler. The frequency spectrum of air compressor inlet noise is low frequency characteristic, and the inlet muffler should choose the resistance structure or the impedance compound structure with the main resistance.

Air compressor exhaust gas pressure, high airflow speed, should be in the air compressor exhaust port using a small hole muffler .

2. Set the muffler tunnel. An underground or semi-underground tunnel in which the tunnel wall is lined with good sound-absorbing bricks. The air compressor inlet pipe and the muffler tunnel connection, so that the atmosphere through the Anechoic tunnel into the air compressor.

The use of Anechoic tunnel can make the air compressor inlet noise greatly reduced, the service life is longer than the general muffler.

3. Create the sound insulation hood. In the air compressor inlet, exhaust port installation muffler or set the Silencer tunnel, the airflow noise can be reduced to 80db (a), but the air compressor mechanical noise and motor noise is still very high, so should also be installed in the Air compressor unit on the sound insulation cover.  hanging space sound absorption body: in Foshan Lingge Air compressor station, tall and empty factory reverberation is very heavy. If the ceiling of the plant is dispersed, the noise of the plant can be reduced by 3-10db (a) and the reverberation time reduced 5-10s.