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Functional characteristics of automatic welding machine
- Sep 12, 2018 -

1. This ultrasonic medical filter welding machine is a highly automated machine, divided into filter paper cutting and filter welding two parts, two processes at the same time: the filter paper on the material, cutting material, the return of all the machine automation completed, high precision, less filter paper loss, cost savings, while the upper and lower lid automatic feeding,

Robotic take-off, turntable-type ultrasonic automatic welding, automatic discharge, saving labor at the same time, greatly improve the production efficiency, for the enterprise to create higher efficiency; 2. Turntable type ultrasonic automatic welding. Compared with conventional vibration friction welding and heating melting welding, ultrasonic welding has the following characteristics:-fast, welding is usually done in a second-clean, due to non-use of flux, the risk of pollution is greatly reduced, thereby improving the product grade;-Eliminate the cost of using flux, scrap rate is low,

And can be repeated processing;-Ultrasonic welding equipment for mass production and automated production environment;

3. The ultrasonic system, electrical configuration and control parts of this machine are imported with original accessories, and controlled by servo motor, so that the machine runs with precision and stability;

4. Mitsubishi PLC Program control, simple and convenient operation; 5. The machine adopts alloy aluminum profile, strong and beautiful