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Market development of Air compressors
- Sep 12, 2018 -

China's air compressor industry market size is more than 8% growth, 2010-2011 growth rate of even more than 28%, the market scale expansion rapidly. However, in such a large market, in the past a long time by foreign-funded enterprises to grasp the vast majority of the market.

According to the prospective network data show, 2009, China's air compressor industry total production enterprises nearly 400, of which the number of domestic enterprises close to 90%, the total sales revenue of about 6 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the entire industry, the number of foreign enterprises nearly 10%, the total sales revenue of about 9 billion yuan, accounting for the entire industry 60%. However, domestic enterprises continue to strengthen technological innovation, the industry's leading domestic enterprises, such as the mountain shares, in the technology continue to forge ahead, the company's product performance to reach the international level, in foreign-dominated high-end market has been achieved. With the continuous improvement of product performance and the continuous upgrading of technology, the market share of domestic enterprises has also increased year by year. Screw air Compressor For example, 2009-2011, screw air compressor sales from 14,800 units value 32,800, the annual compound growth rate of 48.87%, the market share from 2009 to 14.1% increase to 19.4% Sales from 800 to 20100 units, the market share from 0.8% liters to 11.9%, the development is very rapid.