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Types of air Compressors
- Sep 12, 2018 -

There are many kinds of air compressors (compressor).

1, according to the principle of work can be divided into three categories: volumetric type, power type (speed or turbine type), thermal compressor.

2, according to the lubrication method can be divided into oil-free air compressor and oil lubrication air compressor.

3, according to the performance can be divided into: low noise, can be variable frequency, explosion-proof air compressor.

4, according to the use can be divided into: refrigerator compressors, air-conditioning compressors, refrigeration compressors, oil field compressors, gas filling stations, rock drilling machine, pneumatic tools, vehicle system use, doors and windows, textile machinery, tire inflatable, plastic machinery compressors, mining compressors, marine compressors, medical compressors, sandblasting spray paint.

5, according to the type can be divided into: fixed, mobile, closed-ended [1].

Volumetric compressors-compressors that directly rely on changing gas volumes to increase gas pressure.

PISTON Compressor--is a positive displacement compressor, the compression element is a piston, in

In the cylinder to do reciprocating movement.

Rotary Compressor--is a positive displacement compressor, compression is by the rotation element of the forced motion. Sliding Vane compressor--is a rotary variable volume compressor, the axial slide in the same cylinder block eccentric rotor on the radial sliding.

The air trapped between the slides is compressed and discharged.

Liquid-piston compressors-a rotary volumetric compressor in which water or other liquids are used as pistons to compress the gas and then expel the gas. Roots double-rotor compressor-is a rotary volume compressor, in which two roots rotors mesh with each other to stop the gas and send it from the air inlet to the exhaust port.

No internal compression. Screw compressor-is a rotary volume compressor, in which two of the rotors with helical gears mesh with each other, so that two rotor meshing volume from large to small, so that the gas compression and discharge. Screw compression components in screw-type air compressors are manufactured using the latest CNC grinder, and with on-line laser technology to ensure accurate manufacturing tolerances. Its reliability and performance ensure that the operating cost of the compressor remains extremely low over the lifetime.

Adjustment compressors, all-in-one compressors and Desiccant series are new products in the L/ls series compressors. Speed compressor-A rotary continuous air compressor in which the high-speed rotating blades accelerate the gas through it, thus converting the speed to pressure.

This conversion occurs partly on rotating blades, partly on fixed diffuser or backflow baffles. Centrifugal compressors-a speed type compressor in which one or more rotating impellers (blades usually on the side) accelerate the gas.

The main airflow is radial. Axial compressor-a speed type compressor in which the gas is accelerated by a rotor with blades.

The main airflow is axial. Hybrid flow compressors-also a speed type compressor.

The shape of the rotor combines the characteristics of both centrifugal and axial flow.

Jet compressors-The use of high-speed gas or steam jets to take the inhaled gas away and then convert the speed of the mixture to pressure on the diffuser.

Permanent magnet Variable Frequency compressor--because the frequency conversion of the screw air compressor using the frequency converter's stepless speed regulation characteristics, through the controller or the inverter internal PID regulator, can gently start, to use the gas fluctuation is relatively large occasions, but also can quickly adjust the response. Single-pole compression screw air compressor-the head is a pair of yin and yang rotor composed of screw air compressor.

This machine is widely used in the screw air compressor at present.

Double-pole compression screw air compressor-The head is composed of two pairs of yin and yang rotor, the gas after the first level of compression into the two-stage compression, compression ratio, power and compressed air compressor to reduce a gear position. Double pole permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor--new energy-saving products developed since the 2014, combined with permanent magnet frequency conversion and bipolar compression technology, has high energy-saving efficiency.