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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inverter Welding Machine
- Apr 06, 2018 -

1. Advantages:

① small size, light weight, saving manufacturing materials, portable, easy to move. The basic characteristic of Arc welding inverter is high working frequency, which brings many advantages.

This is because the transformer, whether the original or the secondary winding, its potential e and the frequency of the current F, the magnetic flux density B, the iron core cross-sectional area s and windings of the number of turns W have the following relationship:


The end voltage of the windings is approximately equal to E, i.e.:


When you and B are determined, if you increase f, then s decreases, w decreases, so the weight and volume of the transformer can be greatly reduced. Since the frequency of inverter welding and cutting equipment is much higher than that of power frequency (300~2000), the volume and weight of the transformer will be greatly reduced.

Similarly, the operating frequency is greatly increased, the size and weight of the reactor will be greatly reduced.

Transformer and reactor volume, the weight of the large reduction, so that the inverter welding and cutting equipment itself greatly reduced volume and weight, the weight of the traditional welder 1/10~1/5, convenient production, transportation and use, and in the welding and cutting equipment manufacturing a lot of savings in metal materials (mainly copper, silicon steel, aluminum, etc.) consumption.

② Energy saving, high efficiency Inverter welding and cutting equipment, transformer and reactor volume and weight greatly reduced, the corresponding power loss (mainly for core magnetic loss and wire energy dissipation) also greatly reduced, the effective power output can reach 82%~93%.

But the traditional welding and cutting equipment effective power output only 40%~60%, serious waste of power resources.

③ dynamic characteristics and flexible control. The inverter welding and cutting equipment adopts the electronic drive semiconductor power device, can precisely control the size of the current in the Microsecond time range, the improvement of control precision greatly improves the precision of welding and cutting, and can meet the needs of various arc welding methods.

The welding current of traditional welding and cutting equipment can only be adjusted by manually adjusting the tap and core of the transformer, resulting in poor arc stability, unable to control the welding process accurately, poor control of weld forming and splash quantity, and difficult to meet the requirements of manufacturing welding refinement.

④ good stability of output voltage and current The inverter welding and cutting equipment has strong anti-jamming ability and is not easily affected by voltage fluctuation and temperature change of the network.

Traditional welding and cutting equipment using AC power, due to frequent changes in current and voltage direction, the arc to extinguish and re-ignition 100~120 times per second, arc can not be continuously stable combustion, making the workpiece heating time longer, reduce the strength of the weld, difficult to meet the requirements of high-quality welding.

2. Disadvantages: The disadvantages of the inverter welding and cutting equipment mainly involve more electronic components, complex structure, and the debugging, testing and parameter setting are more difficult in the process of product production.