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Development Trend Of Inverter Welding Machine
- Jan 01, 2018 -

At present, 15~100khz welding and cutting technology has matured, product quality is high, has formed a series of products. The overall trend of future inverter welding and cutting equipment is towards automation, high efficiency, intelligent, modular, lightweight development, and to improve performance, reliability and broaden the use of the core, widely used in a variety of welding, cutting and other processes.

The future development trend of inverter welding and cutting technology is as follows:

A. Product design to standardize, modular, platform development, reduce the cost of technology development, shorten product development and production cycle.

B. Development of special, complete sets of inverter welding and cutting equipment for automotive assembly, container welding, shipbuilding and other specific industries to provide professional and efficient welding and cutting solutions.

C. The inverter welding and cutting equipment is further miniaturized and intensified by increasing the frequency, adopting high-performance magnets, reducing the power consumption and optimizing the structure of the main devices. D. Development and production of digital control of the inverter welding and cutting equipment, improve the equipment welding accuracy, reliability and consistency.