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Export Strategies For Power Tools
- Sep 12, 2018 -

1. Improve technical level: In order to consolidate the occupied market in the 2012, further cultivate and explore new markets, we will focus on the following aspects: further improving product quality and accelerating new product development.

In particular, it is important to accelerate the development of battery-powered tools and electronically controlled power tools to continuously improve the level of power tools and product quality. Production technology to the intensification, flexibility, automation, specialization and production collaboration supporting networked development. Should gradually from the brand production, neutral packaging export mode to export their own brand-name products. Brand production, neutral packaging production is indeed a rapid expansion of China's power tools export plays an important role, but this is not a long-term, because this mode of operation can not establish the image of Chinese enterprises, create their own brand name, some of our production enterprises, can only be a obscurity of the processing plant, and middlemen have been profiteering. In addition, the brand production is often hidden in trademark infringement disputes.

In order to promote China's power tools foreign trade market more healthy development, maintenance of China's power tools industry legitimate rights and interests in the export of products must strive to create their own brand, to obtain the due profit.  

Fully carry out the safety certification of electric tools and electromagnetic compatibility certification work, the implementation of power tools export license, and continuously improve the quality and level of power tools.

2. Open up Emerging markets:

To further study and grasp the trade practices of electric tools in Europe and the United States, Xin Fang Sheng in the stability and expansion of China's power tools in the Western European North American market share, and actively explore new markets, to achieve market diversification, especially to focus on the development of African markets, Latin America market and Eastern Europe market. Oppose Low price competition, standardize export market. China's large export of electric tools in addition to some foreign-funded products, the general price is relatively low, the main cause of this phenomenon is the export enterprises between the low price competition. Its harm is quite serious, some state-owned enterprises generally better quality products, but because of the high cost and in the competition in the fall, and some poor quality, even inferior, but the use of low-priced competition to export, thereby adversely affect the international market, damaging the image of our products. Especially in the past two years, this phenomenon has been extended from the foreign trade market to the domestic market, resulting in a total decline in the overall industry economic benefits.

For the national interests of the nation, the market must be further regulated today, to promote fair competition, so that the power tools foreign trade market truly thriving. Establish the buyer's market concept in the competition.

To achieve the industry to develop around the market, enterprises from the production technology as the center to market marketing as the center to work hard, in the product to use professional products, do their own (DIY) products at the same time, enterprise production, technology, marketing and after-sales service to meet the buyer's market rules. China's electric tools market is maturing, brand awareness and brand effect will be highlighted.

In the next few years, the share of domestic power tools will be further improved, with the electric tool market demand is rising, will promote the production and management of relevant enterprises in China to the positive direction of development, industry prospects can be. will also redistribute market share, domestic brands continue to replace foreign brands. The internal integration needs of the industry will be the leader of the industry.

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