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Introduction Of Inverter Welding Machine
- Nov 11, 2018 -

"Inversion" and "rectification" are the two opposite concepts.

Rectification is the process of converting alternating current into direct current, while the inverter is the process of changing the DC power to AC power, and the arc welding power source using inverter technology is called "inverter welder". The working process of the inverter welding and cutting equipment is to convert the three phase or single phase 50Hz power frequency AC rectifier and filter to obtain a smoother direct current, and the inverter circuit composed of igbt or field effect tube will convert the DC into 15~100khz alternating current, and after the intermediate frequency main transformer buck, Once again, the rectifier filter obtains a smooth DC output welding current (or alternating power of the frequency required to invert the output again). The control circuit of the inverter welding and cutting equipment consists of a given circuit and a driving circuit, which is processed by the feedback of voltage and current signal, realizes the whole cycle control, adopts PWM as the core control technology, and obtains the constant current characteristic of fast pulse width modulation and the excellent welding and cutting technology effect.