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Introduction To The Background Of Power Tools
- Jun 12, 2018 -

In the 60 's, with the development of battery manufacturing technology, there appeared a battery power tool without power cord with Ni-CD battery. But it was slow to develop because of the expensive price. By the middle and late 70, due to lower battery prices, charging time is also shortened, this power tool in Europe and the United States, Japan has been widely used. The power tool was originally made of cast iron for the shell, then aluminum as the shell. In the 60 's, thermoplastic engineering plastics were used on power tools, and the double insulation of power tools was realized, which ensured the safety of electric tools. Due to the development of electronic technology, electronic speed regulating power tools appeared in the 60 's. This kind of electric tool uses the thyristor and other components to compose the electronic circuit, to adjust the speed by the different depth that the switch button is pressed into, so that the power tool can be used according to the different processing objects (such as different materials, drilling diameter size, etc.), choose different rotational speed.