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Structure Design Of Welding Machine
- Feb 28, 2018 -

The inverter welding and cutting equipment consists of an inverter power supply and an external device. wherein the inverter is the core of the inverter welding and cutting equipment, the working process is: Power frequency AC-DC-high frequency AC-voltage Transformer-DC, is three-phase or single-phase 50Hz frequency Alternating current rectification, filtering to obtain a smoother DC, by igbt or field-effect tube composed of the inverter circuit to convert the DC into 15~100khz Alternating current, after the medium-frequency main transformer buck, again rectified filter to obtain a smooth DC output welding currents (or again inverter output the required frequency of alternating power). 

The control circuit of the inverter welding and cutting equipment consists of a given circuit and a driving circuit, which is processed by the feedback of voltage and current signal, realizes the whole cycle control, adopts PWM as the core control technology, and obtains the constant current characteristic of fast pulse width modulation and the excellent welding and cutting technology effect. Because the inverter work frequency is very high, so the main transformer core cross-sectional area and the number of coils is greatly reduced, therefore, the inverter welding machine can be to a large extent to save metal materials, reduce the size and weight, greatly reduce the power loss, more importantly, the inverter welding machine can be in the microsecond time of the output current adjustment, So it can realize the ideal control process required by welding process, and obtain satisfactory welding effect.