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Welding Machine Principle Of Inverter Welder
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Inverter process requires high-power electronic switching devices, the use of insulated gate bipolar transistor IGBT as a switching device inverter welding machine called IGBT inverter welder. Welding circuit is closed, it is because the circuit is closed to make the current throughout the closed circuit is equal, because the resistance is not the same everywhere, especially in the non-fixed contact at the maximum resistance, the resistance is called the contact resistance in physics. According to the law of the thermal effect of the current (also known as di Efisio law), Q=i2rt know, the current is equal, the greater the resistance of the part of the higher the heat, welding electrode contact with the welded metal body contact resistance is the largest, then the heat generated in this area is the most naturally, the electrode is a lower melting point alloy,

Soon melted, the molten alloy electrode core is dipped on the welded object after cooling, the welding object is bonded to a piece.

Because the inverter welder is a typical switching power supply (the output characteristics and a great feature), the output power is large, the work environment changes, so that the quality of components is better, so as to ensure the stability of the work, long life.