Mini Welding Machine,portable And Easy Working.

‚ÄčName: Mini Welding Machine,portable And Easy Working.
Voltage:230v.single phase 50/60Hz
Duty cycle:35%
Real current:20-120A

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Mini welding machine, portable and easy working is the first choice for plastic heat sealing. It uses a high-frequency electric field to oscillate the plastic internal components to generate heat energy to fuse various products. Mini welding machine is widely used in the clothing industry, trademark industry, plastic electronics, household goods industry.

Special electronic circuits for various control devices can avoid improper operation and can weld products and increase product output as soon as possible. Mini welding machine produces a flat plastic box, which is easy to operate and has high production efficiency. 


NameMini Welding Machine,portable And Easy Working.

230v. single phase 50/60Hz

Duty cycle35%
Real current20-120A
Display current20-400A
No load voltage60v
AccessoriesWelding holder and cables, earth cables and clamp, brush, mask


* No glue is needed, saving materials and reducing costs.

* Short welding time and improved work efficiency.

* Low noise and environmentally friendly working environment.

* High-quality ultrasonic transducer with powerful power and good stability.

* The design of the whole machine is exquisite, and the small size does not occupy space.

* The main components are high quality imported and have a long service life.

* The welded part has a beautiful appearance and does not change color or yellow.

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