Popular Models Arc Welding Machine

Popular Models Arc Welding Machine

Name: Popular Models Arc Welding Machine
Voltage: 230v.single phase 50/60Hz
Duty cycle:35%
No load voltage:60v

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The popular models arc welding machine is a special type of transformer that converts the alternating current of the network voltage into a low-voltage alternating current suitable for arc welding, consisting of the main transformer and the required regulating parts and indicating devices. 

The popular models arc welding machine uses advanced technology for ARC welding of acidic and alkaline electrodes. The machine is compact and extremely lightweight, but with better welding performance, higher efficiency and better power factor. The arc welding machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, low cost and high efficiency.


* Better design, lighter weight and longer welder life.

* It has good arc stability and can weld a variety of thin, medium and thick plates.

* Suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel and other materials.

* Stepless adjustment is adopted to meet the requirements of higher welding processes.

* It has the function of slowing and attenuating the welding current, which is beneficial to fill the arc pit when the arc is closed and avoid cracks in the weld.


NamePopular Models Arc Welding Machine

230v. single phase 50/60Hz

Duty cycle35%
Real current20-120A
Display current20-400A
No load voltage60v
AccessoriesWelding holder and cables, earth cables and clamp, brush, mask


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